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My like story is coming out in book form and in movie form. I became a full associate member of the old Combination ( Lansky Group ) in 1968. My sponsor was Doc Farone, who was a friend of my father, Sam Cohen, and my personal favorite Ice Pick Willie Alderman. This group were all born around the turn of the century, with Willie being a stone killer in the old Purple Gang, Sam being a labor racketteer and old time professional gambler, and Doc being a former bootlegger and partner of Joe Kennedy and Arnold Rothstein. My father was invaluable to the NCS, as we were now calling ourselves, because he could fix any trial in county, state or Federal Court. He was an official Supreme Court Reporter, and in those days they had firms,Solomon, Kirwin, and Craft. They did the transcript, took the evidence, and road with the Judges. Yes, My dad was the Republican bag man, and his partners were the democratic bagmen. What a crew. I grew up understanding the law and how to use it. It has enabled me to beat the FBI, IRS, and the Justice Dept. I signed on as a Treasury Consultant under 26 usc 7802 but since I did not rat out my crews in 1988, They will not do my cases. I am still a member, I guess, but we are mostly dead now. I have retired and am trying to get a movie deal with Richard Gere. I am visible on & plus and You can read me on craigslist for Los Angelas. The enquirer is refusing to print me because the FBI does not want my story out. I am the only reputed assassin in the world who can talk because I did not carry out the Pierre Trudeau Hit or The Fidel Castro Hit. Read More soon. Sincerely Big Mike Craft